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whats your full name?

Jacianna Jaw-see-awn-uh Alexis P. I go by Jaci(Jaw-see), JC, Alexis, or Lexi. My last name is Irish. Not comfortable with telling you though. 

EDIT: I prefer JC or Jaci. But not Jaw-see. But Jay-c. Lol yeah?

the erect/soft penis mod made me cum, i am a girl.

Hahaha. Lmao. Oh my gosh… I don’t even know what to say.

who's your top five favorite simblrs?

I can’t really say nonny. I haven’t been here long enough to really get to know anyone. I have found some old friends from DW. But the only person I really know is Teri. I knew her before tumblr though, from DW and RL.

i cant find the right penis mod. what does it look like?

If you would have looked at my page you would have found the link. It’s pretty simple. You will need to sign up to download it though. You don’t have to pay. HERE!!!

And here’s what it looks like:



They even have sliders so you can change the size/length.

picture of your simself and yourself?

And I might upload a picture of myself later…